* Due to be filmed over three weeks in Easter 2016

  • Do you have ancestors who lived in or migrated to the poorest areas of Victorian Britain?
  • Maybe you lead a comfortable lifestyle now, but know that your ancestors struggled?
  • Are you an entrepreneur who thinks they could thrive anywhere?
  • Would you like your family to experience the reality of life for millions of Victorian children?

New BBC Living History Series will recreate The Victorian Slums

The search is on for families and couples to set up home in 1870s London. Their aim – to live, work and make ends meet exactly as the Victorian poor would have done. They’ll be expected to find work, master old trades and sell their wares in order to put food on the table and to make the weekly rent.

At UKABC, we are hoping help the show to find participants to take part in an experiment where modern day people will live for 3 weeks as Victorians did in 1870. Ideally, we would like to find a diverse range of families and couples whose ancestors lived in or migrated to the UK and might like to experience first-hand the struggles that they endured. Perhaps they would like to put their entrepreneurial skills to the test to see if they could make ends meet in the 19th Century Britain.

Wall to Wall Media is casting for a landmark living history experiment that tells the story of what life was really like for the Victorian poor and how their plight changed our nation for the better.

We’re looking for strong, determined contributors who think they could survive life on the Victorian bread line. The series is due to be filmed over three weeks in Easter 2016 and the new Victorians will relocate for the duration of the filming to East London.

For more details email [email protected] / call 020 7241 9228 or visit www.walltowall.co.uk

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