UKABC, along with FICCI is pleased to share opportunity along with the Indian Overseas Indian Affairs (OIA) Division of the Ministry of External Affairs to conduct the “Know India Programme” (KIP) programme, wherein 30-40 youth (18-26 years of age) of Indian origin are invited to India, to understand cultural, economic and social dynamics. They typically spend about 25 days in Delhi and one of the Indian States.

There are currently 18 such programs over the next one year, starting May 2016, for which Maharashtra is Partner State.


The objective of this program is to expose Indian origin young people overseas, to India’s social and economic progress. These young people have usually not visited India before. As a process, the Indian High Commission will receive applications, and ratifies for their eligibility. We cover travel to and from India, boarding and other costs (visas are also free) and FICCI would manage the visit in India on their behalf. Typically, a visit will contain:

  • Classroom presentations on India’s , political system, economy, society, and developments in various sectors etc
  • Interaction with students at University/ College
  • Visit to places of historical importance
  • Participation in cultural programmes, yoga
  • Visit to industrial sites
  • Visit to a village
  • Interaction with non-profits
  • Meetings with senior political leadership in India
  • Visit to a select state in India for 10 days

Eligibility Criteria

The programme is open to youth of Indian origin (excluding non-resident Indians) in the age group of 18-26 years as on the first day of the month in which the programme is expected to begin. It is open to PIO youths from all over the world. The applicant should not have participated in any previous KIP or Internship Programme for Diaspora Youth (IPDY) or Study India Programme of MEA. Students who have not visited India before will be given preference. Minimum qualification required for applying is graduation from a recognised University /Institute or studying for graduation. applicants should be able to speak in English, should have studied English as a subject at the High School level or have English as the medium of instruction for undergraduate course.

There are a maximum of five candidates from any one country. More info here.

How to apply

Get in touch with the FICCI UK office at [email protected] for more information.


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