UKABC is excited to open Investment opportunities to our members and investors worldwide, in association with Malta Enterprises

Malta has been welcoming investors into the country since the early 1950s. This means that both private and public service providers are well aware of the requirements of an incoming operation. The process of setting up on the island is a straightforward and transparent one in which the investor is always kept updated as to what is required. 

Prospective investors often make use of a service provider from the private sector capable of seeing to all their legal and logistical requirements from company registration, access to banking facilities to the recruitment of staff. Furthermore, Malta Enterprise has a specialised unit known as Business First tasked with providing a single point of contact to prospective investors or ongoing operations for their interactions with various government departments according to their requirements.

Malta has a thriving service-based economy with a significant industrial component, dependent on foreign trade, manufacturing (including pharmaceuticals/medical devices, high-value plastics, electronics, research and development), tourism and financial services.

Over the past few years, the Maltese Islands have attracted a variety of enterprises engaged in diversified activities including pharmaceutical production, healthcare and medical devices, precision engineering, electronic engineering, mechanical/electrical assembly, high-value printing and security products, software development and ICT. Some of the foreign-owned enterprises that have established activities in Malta and have been operating successfully for many years include – Siegfried, Baxter, Cardinal Health, Metallform, De La Rue, Methode Electronics, Trelleborg, Playmobil and Toly Products.


The strength of the Maltese economy is based on its strategic location, being situated in the middle of the Mediterranean region, at the crossroads between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The country has a fully developed open market economy and a multi-lingual population (88% of Maltese people speak English), a productive and efficient labour force, an attractive fiscal environment (net tax impact of 5%) and well-developed finance and ICT clusters (including software development, call centres and shared services)

Peter P Meli
Economic Attache’ Malta High Commission , Malta Enterprise (UK Office)

Malta is an island of stability with decades of experience and a welcoming innovative mindset. It is a forward-looking destination, with an open business-centric commercial community that stands tall as an EU member state, and a proven record of economic success.

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