The EU & FDI: Love Lost? UKABC was a proud partner of this conference, organized by Malta Enterprise.

Conference was focused on a variety of issues such as the EU as an FDI location; policy issues affecting FDI flows, particularly those related to corporate taxation, climate change and the freedom of movement of capital; as well as how the EU is perceived as a destination for FDI by actors in third countries, particularly in China and the US. Leading stakeholders and representatives of international organisations addressed the conference and took part in panel discussions.


Session 1
The EU as an FDI Location

  • The FDI Premium of EU Membership
    – Prof. Nauro F. Campos, Brunel University
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  • The EU’s Competitiveness as a Location for FDI
    – Dr Eva Rytter Sunesen, Copenhagen Economics
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Session 2
Policy Issues Affecting FDI

  • FDI and Corporate Taxation in the EU
    – Prof. John Vella, Centre for Business Taxation, Oxford University
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  • Climate Change Policies & MNE Strategies
    – Prof. Hinrich Voss, Leeds University
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Session 3
Enabling Third Country Investment in the EU

  • China’s Corporate View on FDI in the EU
    – Dr Marcus Schütz, formerly of Volkswagen China
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  • EU Reformed Approach on International Investment Policy and Investment Treaties
    – Mr Carlo Pettinato, DG Trade, European Commission
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Keynote Address

  • Global FDI Trends and Key Emerging Issues for Investment Policy Making
    – Ms Christiane Stepanek-Allen, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
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