UK Asian Business Council, a promoter of business in the regional, national and international level and COLORS OF INDIA CENTER, an organization of Information, communication and incubation of India with office in Japan and India has signed an MOU to mutually and collectively work and connect opportunity for India in the U.K and also in India in the peoples, business and industry domains. In addition U.K Asian Business Council and COLORS OF INDIA CENTER will represent each other in the Japan and in U.K respectively as a promoter of Industry to facilitate its members, people, business and partner industries.

Japan Education Center In India (JECI), a vertical of COLORS OF INDIA CENTER expertise in Japanese skill based education. JECI programs include FAST TRACK-SKILL BASED-INDUSTRY FOCUSED Japanese language programs and certificates offered directly from Japan in addition to wide range of Japanese skill programs for effectively working in Japanese work place.


JECI program are currently available to large number of students, educators, professionals and businesses in India. UK Asian Business Council will work hand in hand with COLORS OF INDIA CENTER to effectively route JECI programs to educational institutions, students and to the promoter of business in U.K.

The scope of association between UK Asian Business Council and COLORS OF INDIA CENTER is quite wide due to the nature of work COLORS OF INDIA CENTER had been doing in Japan and now in India. We will keep you updated of other areas of partnership between UK Asian Business Council and COLORS OF INDIA CENTER in the days ahead.

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