The British Pakistan Foundation, in association with the Nishkam Centre, invites you to join them at the ‘Focus on Female Entrepreneurs Seminar and Q&A Session’ on 09 May 2018 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the Nishkam Centre, 6 Soho Road, Handsworth, Birmingham B21 9BH.

This free seminar aims to go through the career journeys and experiences of successful female entrepreneurs, particularly focusing on the obstacles they overcame and how they were challenged. This works towards encouraging women to tap into their own entrepreneurial acumen and set up their own businesses.

In addition to this, all attendees will have the opportunity to register free of cost for the 6 ‘Business Skills Development Workshops’ to be delivered by Dr Arpinder Bansi, the Founder and Managing Director of ‘Kaur Values Associates Ltd’, an organisation specialising in leadership and business development.

The Workshops will focus on content related to initiating an enterprise, business planning, understanding finance and effective marketing among other areas to equip all those attending with an in depth understanding of the world of business.

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