World Forum for Foreign Direct Investment 2018 is set to take kick off the International Business Festival on World Economic Day. Hosted every two years in its home city of Liverpool, this year between 12 – 28th of June, the festival captures and celebrates the dynamism of the global marketplace and the positive potential of open trade. The three-week event hosts 100 major events attracting over 30,000 delegates.

Are you ready for the world’s biggest Business Festival?

UKABC and it’s Media partner Asia TV Global is at the forefront of promoting and facilitating #BusinessFest’s 9 unique days designed to boost your knowledge, help you make new connections and give you fresh ideas to grow your business. The event is aimed at helping you fuel your initiative with the insight and practical knowledge you need to make sure your business thrives – and maybe even meet your next client.

UKABC members get an exclusive 50% discount code at registration, so if you are ready to hear from the experts, be inspired, expand your network, and improve your skills, head over to www.internationalbusinessfestival.comto find out more.

For tickets and registration, contact [email protected]

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