It is with great excitement that I am able to make my first contribution to UKABC news letter after being appointed Vice President (Health). I have worked in the UK National Health Service for about two decades after completing my MBBS and then the Psychiatric training on the Oxford training scheme.

There continues to be tremendous changes in the healthcare systems around the world. Overtime I hope to contribute to the UKABC with latest trends in the health sector and the opportunities that come with it.
At UKABC we aim to provide actual selling, purchasing opportunities and facilitate transactions. We would like to help entrepreneurs figure out how to get their ideas, products or prototype to the market. We can assist with embracing local regulatory rules which may appear to be daunting at a glance. To be a healthcare entrepreneur one has to be collaborative and be open to ideas and suggestions. At UKABC, we aim to make your entrepreneurial journey that more comfortable.

UKABC is pleased to announce the following:
–Tie up with Paras Healthcare (Super speciality Hospitals based across North India) and Ramzan Hospital in Kashmir Valley.
–Run medical tourism venture in partnership with Paras group of Hospitals.
As a passing shot one must remember that happiness cannot be pursued; it must ensue. One must have a reason to ‘be happy’. I hope that as we contemplate working with each other, it will bring a sense of purpose and contentment to our lives. Thus till next time, here is to happy and healthy living.

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