Saish Shete

Head Media, Event & Press Affairs

Saish has been the only pivotal force and backbone behind the top management of MotionMinds Entertainment Ltd. He is a natural combination of business acumen with creativity and innovation. Having done his Masters in Marketing and Sales from Mumbai University and with his 12 years of multi-faceted and multi-sectoral (Entertainment, Telecom, Media, IT, Finance) experience, he is a mastermind in Marketing, Business development, Media, Event management and Entertainment.
He is responsible for business critical decisions and defining business & marketing strategy along with his teams. Exceptional networking skills and his unmatched presence of mind & talent has endeavoured him to work not only in corporate world but also leading Film & TV productions in India & UK. He believes in smart & innovative work and is always willing to cross an extra mile to achieve results.

He is a firm believer, that variety is true spice and change is the only changeless law.

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