Negin Bemanzadeh

President Middle East.

Negin studied English Literature and Accountancy in the UK, followed by working at the largest ACCA practice in the UK for three years. She then joined, a leading US Investment Bank, where at a young age she was leading on a GBP 22bn portfolio. The Entrepreneur, MD, NED, Speaker, former investment banker and a private equity specialist started her own business when she was only 16

Negin now runs her own partner owned advisory and family office in The City of London along with a small team and delivers on a 100% turnaround. Negin serves as the President of UKABC covering the Middle East.

Negin also supports the community and personal development of talented individuals by teaching various investment courses to the other family offices and following her studies in Alternative Investments. Additionally, she mentors women in banking and finance and continues to speak at various Leadership events.

Negin has turned EEE into an official part time training provider for students from key universities and Business Schools across the US and the UK, including, Richmond University, Villanova University, Elon University, and the London School of Economics.

  • Location: London, United Kingdom
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